social impact management software for non-profits

using better data to drive better decisions

Our Software-as-a-Service model allows Bingo to deliver powerful and rigorously researched technologies in an affordable and accessible way.

Bingo's social impact management platform utilizes a participant-driven app, organization-facing portal, and reporting software to collect, analyze, and communicate programming impacts specific to sport, recreation, and physical activity programming.

Bingo designs, develops, and hosts data visualizations made specifically with your organization in mind. Bring your data to life through a collaborative process.

Get expert advice to deliver grantee reports efficiently and effectively. Leverage qualitative and quantitative data to tell the true story of your organisation's impact.

Bingo transforms your data into actionable and intelligible insights for program administrators and funders. Whether you want to know how participants are experiencing your program, if you're delivering on the social outcomes you intended, or wanting to engage in a cohesive evaluation of your program to meet reporting requirements,
Bingo can help.


Why use Bingo?

Prove and Communicate Value

Build support for your organization by quantifying impacts to physical health and wellbeing, mental and emotional health, educational attainment, leadership development and more.

Save Time and


Reports can satisfy your funders’ reporting requirements, freeing up critical time to get back to running your organization. Rely on our expertise and build on your organization's capacity. 




Learn what is driving your program success and develop interventions to improve. Learn from what's working and what isn't and make better decisions faster.


What does the Bingo Impact Management 

process look like?

One of the biggest and most common pitfalls of evaluation practice is jumping to collect data without a clear or coherent strategy in mind. Working together, we will spend time thinking through each of the following steps, collaboratively developing a strategy not just to capture data, but to deeply understand the issues at hand.


stakeholders, the environment, and the resources and interventions to be assessed


a frame for analysis and identify a methodology


a data collection and management strategy


data and determine findings


evaluation results and demonstrate impact

Why is it called Bingo? 

While it is critical to work through each step in order to deliver a robust and comprehensive evaluation, most organizations lack the time, resources, and expertise to deliver all five steps.


If you can understand, develop, implement, analyse, and present - you've got Bingo. 


Creative data collection strategies allow program participants and stakeholders to easily and securely provide feedback through tailored surveys.

  • Participants respond to surveys on custom schedules aligned to your program
  • Focus on the end user's experience allows for information sharing that can drive programming changes mid-program 


Bingo Impact Management utilizes tested social science methodologies and approaches to impact evaluation, all selected and based on your organization's specific programming needs. 

Our methods include:

Social Impact Analysis
Lean Data
Program Evaluation
Social Return  on Investment


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