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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Surveys for non-profit, corporate, and government organizations

Organizations are increasingly looking to measure and quantify how their DEI efforts are working and where emphasis is needed, but have struggled with how to capture these hard-to-assess areas. 
Our combination of DEI expertise and survey and metric development has led to the BelongINg Metric - a survey designed to capture key factors relating to DEI. 

What is the BelongINg Metric?

The BelongINg Metric was developed in partnership with INclusion INcorporated, an award-winning DEI consulting firm, and Bingo Impact Management Consulting, a leader in survey design and social impact measurement.


Our purpose in working together was to combine applied knowledge and technical expertise, ensuring that organizations have access to the most relevant and powerful tools to evaluate DEI.

The BelongINg Metric is an online assessment tool that was designed to capture data on the demographics of participating organizations and the experiences of diversity and inclusion among individuals associated with the organizations (staff, contractors, members, volunteers).

How was the BelongINg Metric developed?

Development of the BelongINg Metric started with observations from the field based on the needs and experiences of organizations working on diversity and inclusion.


We highlighted primary areas that organizations focus on to improve their diversity and inclusion, as well as areas where they typically measure progress. We then conducted a comprehensive literature review to further identify key themes associated with diversity and inclusion within organizations, as well as commonly-used and publicly available measures used to assess these themes.

We reviewed and evaluated scales related to employee voice, workplace dignity, trust, climate of fear, and culture of inclusion, among many others. To create the BelongINg Metric, we adapted items from existing, publicly available measures and developed new items to capture key factors of interest. We then tested, refined, and assessed our custom developed metrics in the field with client organizations.

What does the BelongINg Metric cover?

The BelongINg Metric consists of two parts: (1) a series of demographic questions and (2) a series of statements relating to 7 categories: Belonging, Culture, Expression, Fairness, Fear and Psychological Safety, Respect, and Trust. Respondents are asked to how much they agree/disagree with these statements on a 7-point scale from Very Strongly Disagree to Very Strongly Agree.

What are the categories of the BelongINg Metric?


  • Belonging is important because it helps employees feel valued and connected to the organization. When employees feel like they belong, they are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive, and are less likely to experience stress and burnout.

  • A sense of belonging can also lead to increased job satisfaction, retention, and overall well-being.

  • Promoting a sense of belonging in the workplace is an important part of building a healthy and successful organization.

How can we get started with the BelongINg Metric?

The fastest way to get started is click on this link to set up a meeting:

During the meeting, we can discuss:

  • The overall design and use of the BelongINg Metric

  • How the BelongINg Metric can be used for your organization

  • Opportunities for customization

  • Data management and privacy considerations

  • Sample BelongINg Metric questions

  • Sample BelongINg Metric reports

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