• Participants can easily and securely respond to custom surveys designed for your program

  • Program administrators work through the Bingo Impact process to identify program outcomes, and then collaboratively identify the best indicators and measures of success


  • Share when and where your program is next scheduled to meet

  • Provide key details with your program participants

  • Post messages for program participants on what to bring, and what to expect from your program, session, or practice

To see all features, please register for a demo through this link:


  • Share activity plans, drills, workouts, and ideas specific to your program directly with participants

  • Interactive flash cards can display photos of techniques or Youtube videos to show participants exactly what do to

  • Centralize information in an easy to access feature to get your participants the information they need


You can test drive the app component of Bingo Impact, which is now live through the App store and available through Google Play.

To view all of the features associated with Bingo Impact, you'll need an access code, which you can get here:

Bingo offers a series of tools and products designed to measure, monitor, and manage the social impact of sport programming and interventions.

Bingo's App is part of the implement phase, described below:






The app directly supports the Implement phase of Bingo. In this phase, it is critical to develop a data collection and management strategy that matches your intended impacts and programming environment. Our expertise, combined with our app, will help you delivered expert-developed surveys to participants in an efficient and timely way.

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